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Unfortunately out of stock?

Because of the current situation, many of our products are out of stock in our onlinshop. It does not mean that the product is also out of stock at our dealers! Our dealers get our products on a regular basis based on their pre-orders.

So if the boat you wish is not available in this shop, please contact one of our dealers or place an advance order. Our dealers are here.

You can also click on "notify when available" on the product page and get an e-mail from us when it is available again. 

Why is the situation so?

We have to face a fast growing demand, particularly since last year. In the meantime the whole business has been disrupted and delayed for reasons related to Covid, lockdowns, worldwide disturbed transport networks and shortage of materials. We must manage day-to-day change of situation and rules .

Be sure we give our best to deliver as many products as possible and meet your expectations. Should a product still be delayed despite our best efforts, we kindly ask for your understanding.